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Data Driving Licence 2.0 – Digital Competence Certificate

Digital Lysen now offers the possibility for individuals to certify their digital skills. The ICDL Computer Licence (ICDL), also known as ‘2.0’, is a certification programme which certifies that the participant has different competences in the digital field. The 2.0 computer licence could usefully be a good idea for companies to ask for jobseekers in the context of recruitment. The aim is to document and determine the digital capabilities of individuals.

How does the computer licence work in 2.0?

The 2.0 computer licence contains 10 modules. Eight modules are in Swedish and two in English. All modules contain a diagnostic test that determines the level of competence of the participant. After completing all the modules and passing the tests, the participant will receive a diploma as proof of his/her digital skills.

All modules cover the computer skills required to use computers which, in the course of their work or as working tools, are used. The first two modules cover basic computer skills. Four modules will then go through skills in the Office package, which are often required for work. The last two modules include the knowledge required to use digital technology in a legal and secure way. There are also tests within the computer licence at a more advanced level.

The service is mainly aimed at companies that want to have the digital skills of their staff defined. This will allow them to better understand the needs of their staff and identify the challenges they face in the digital field. This will make it easier to target possible measures. In 2023, citizens wishing to certify their digital skills will also be able to access the digital licence.

Behind the computer licence 2.0

The computer licence has existed since 1996 and is an established proof of digital competence and ability. The initiative was launched in Sweden and Finland and today it is available in over 100 countries around the world. Since its inception, more than 70 million tests have been carried out. The ICDL Computer Driving Licence (ICDL), also known as the 2.0 Computer Driving Licence, is managed and further developed by the ICDL Foundation in Ireland, with the ownership of the European Data Associations.

In Sweden, the Digital Lyften offers the 2.0 digital licence. The digital codend is an initiative of the Data Society. The Data Association, in turn, is a non-profit and independent interest organisation which promotes the positive development of the opportunities offered by digitalisation.


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