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Here, the project aims to encourage companies to increase their data-driven capabilities.

AtLinné University, a project will be launched in spring 2023 to support companies to continue to move forward on their digital development journey. The aim is to increase the competitiveness and innovation capacity of companies through artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.

The project starts in March and is part of the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology and of the Department of Organisation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Linné. The project hopes that companies will be able to increase their data-driven capabilities using artificial intelligence (AI) and High Performance Computing (HPC). Both SMEs in a wide range of sectors will be able to apply for the project.

“Many smaller companies currently lack knowledge of how their data can be converted into new services or products, says one of the project managers Morgan Ericsson, Prefect of the Department of Data Science and Media Technology. By giving them the opportunity to learn more about data-driven developments and how to make effective use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and HPC, we contribute to strengthening their innovation power and competitiveness in the global market.

Open to companies to apply for the project

The project will work closely with the companies. They will be offered everything from guidance/mentoring to concrete development actions on how to manage their data and use it to add value to the activities.

Diana Unander, Research and Project Coordinator of the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, said: “The first step is an open-ended conversation to get to know each other and see the needs of the company in order to be able to plot right among the activities on offer. All lectures, seminars, etc. are digital and open to businesses across the country. Other activities are specifically targeted at companies located in Kalmar and Kronoberg. However, Linné University is open to cooperation linked to data-driven development wherever you are in the country – so we cannot meet the needs of the project, so there are always other possibilities.

The project will start in March 2023 and run for three years.



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