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AI Watch

AI Watch is an initiative of the European Commission, jointly developed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and DG CNECT. The initiative followed the launch of the European strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI) by the EC in 2018. It is intended as the “Commission Knowledge Service to Monitor the Development, Uptake and Impact of Artificial Intelligence for Europe“. 

AI Watch tracks industrial, technological, and research capacity, policy and legislative efforts in Member States, AI adoption and technical breakthroughs, and their influence on the economy, society, and public services. It provides a variety of analyses that are necessary to monitor and facilitate the implementation of the European Strategy for AI.

Topics of AI Watch

To address the challenges that Artificial Intelligence brings to the major socio-economic changes ahead, AI Watch delivers extensive analysis and accurate data in collaboration with major partners from business, academia, governments, and intergovernmental organizations. As a result, five significant cross-cutting areas to monitor have been identified:

  1. AI Enablers: Understanding the role of data and infrastructure in powering AI systems.
  2. AI Landscape: An overview and analysis of the Global and European AI landscape.
  3. AI Standards: Analysing the European and international landscape of AI standardisation.
  4. Evolution of AI technology: Analysing the evolution of AI technology, methodologies, breakthroughs and benchmarks.
  5. Trustworthy AI: Analysing the impact of AI on people and society.