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All Digital (Allemaal Digitaal)

The digitisation of society is in full swing and proceeding at a rapid pace. More and more everyday actions are taking place online, such as filing tax returns, banking online, applying for unemployment benefits and enrolling children in school. We also see more and more activity taking place on social media and in the workplace, with our lives, experiences and work increasingly taking place online.

This development offers many benefits, but to take advantage of it, it is necessary to get on board. Some people are already ahead in this, while others can easily keep up. However, a significant number of people – from various backgrounds – remain digitally behind. They cannot keep up with the digital speed train and are excluded as a result.

It is therefore important to pay attention to these people who cannot (yet) keep up with the digital speed train. They need support to develop their digital skills in order to fully participate in society. This calls for action and initiatives to promote digital inclusion.