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AZ-400: Start a DevOps transformation trip

Microsoft offers several free web-based trainings, on the one hand „AZ-400: Start a DevOps transformation trip”. You will be able to start a successful DevOps transformation trip and prepare for Exam AZ-400: Signing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions.

DevOps, a merger of the words ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’, seeks to bring together development and operational teams to achieve faster and more efficient software deliveries. Starting a DevOps transformation mission means incorporating DevOps methods and tools into your organisation to improve cooperation, speed up the development process and deliver high quality products.

To start a DevOps transformation trip and prepare for Exam AZ-400: Signing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions, go through several modules.


  1.  Learn the foundations of DevOps: Understand what DevOps means, its basic principles and the benefits of using DevOps methods. This includes exploring concepts such as continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), infrastructure such as code (IAC) and automation.
  2. Select the right project: Evaluate current processes and practices to identify areas where DevOps can most benefit. Map your organisation’s existing competences and identify training needs and opportunities for improvement.
  3. Describe team structures: Develop a detailed plan to implement DevOps in your organisation. This may include setting targets and success criteria, evaluating and selecting tools and technologies, and identifying potential barriers and risks.
  4. Select DevOps tools and techniques: Start using DevOps tools and technologies, such as automation, monitoring and performance measurement. This may include incorporating cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
  5. Plan agile with GitHub Projects and Azure Boards: This module introduces you to GitHub Projects, GitHub Project Boards and Azure Boards. It explores ways to connect the Azure Boards and GitHub, configure views of GitHub Projects and Project, and manage tasks with the help of GitHub Projects.
  6. Introduction to source control: Inthis module, you will learn the foundations of source code management (version control), explore its benefits and get tips on best practices to manage source code.

  7. Describe types of source control systems: This module presents different source code management systems, such as GIT and Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC), and provides guidance for starting GIT use.
  8. Working with Azure Repos and GitHub: This module introduces you to Azure Repos and GitHub and will explore ways to migrate from TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control) to GIT and work with GitHub Codespaces for development.