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C1b3rWall Academy 2022-2023

C1b3rWall Academy is a training action integrated within the C1b3rWall Project of the National Police It was created in 2017 at the Escuela Nacional de Policía (Spain) for the dissemination of cybersecurity culture, associated technological disciplines and strengthening of cybercrime prevention.

With the prestigious University of Salamanca and the AIr institute as partners, the C1b3rWall Academy has the objective is to train all citizens and professionals in the field of digital security in both the private and public sectors, with academic, institutional and business collaboration. 

This year’s edition

This edition will include technical modules along with other informative ones, such as awareness modules, specially designed for those who do not have knowledge in these areas and who want to protect their families or their business. In addition, the programming of speakers and events will be open, with the aim of incorporating experts and content, with scoops and news in light of advances in cybersecurity knowledge. 

20 Modules

The training will be divided into 20 modules, arranged in two sections „C1b3rwall Academy Themed“ (16 modules), and „C1b3rwall Academy Essentials“ (4 modules). Modules can also be filtered by tematic area (blockchain, law and technology, cybercrime, cyber intelligence, cybersecurity, cybersecurity and business, cybersecurity awareness, discipline associated with cybersecurity); public (public administrations, educators, enterprises, families, law enforcement agencies, technical) or ENISA profile (chielf information security officer CISO; incident). 

C1berwall Academy Temáticos

  • Filosofía y tecnología (Philosophy and technology)
  • Ciberseguridad en redes sociales (Cybersecurity in social networks)
  • Ciberseguridad en educación (cybersecurity in education)
  • Criptología y criptografía  (cryptopology and cryptography)
  • Ciberseguridad, menores y familia (cybersecurity, minors and family)
  • La deep y la dark web. La web profunda (The Deep web and the dark web)
  • Metaverso, IR y tecnologías inmersivas y transformación digital (Metaverse, AI and immersive technologies and digital transformation)
  • Cómo nos protege la ley en internet (How the law protects us online)
  • Ciberseguirdad industrial (Industrial cybersecurity)

C1b3rwall Academy Essentials 

  • Concienciación: fundamentos y casos de ciberseguridad (Awareness: fundamentals and cases of cybersecurity)
  • Cibercrimen y ciberseguridad (Cybercrime and cybersecurity)
  • Ciberseguridad: fndamentos, casos reales y prevención (cybersecurity: fundamentals, real cases and prevention)
  • Ley, legaltech, blockchain y criptomonedas (law, legaltech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies)
  • Bases de datos y desarrollo de software seguro (secure databases and software development)
  • Ciberseguiridad en administraciones públicas (cybersecurity in public administrations)
  • Ciberseguirad para empresas (cybersecurity for companies)
  • Ciberinteligencia (cyber intelligence)
  • Concienciación CIBER (CYBER awareness)
  • Cibercrimen, riesgos, amenazas y vulnerabilidad (Cybercrime, risks, threats and vulnerabilities)

The modules will be opened consecutively and will remain open throughout the training, so that the material can be reviewed over the coming months. In the same way, students will be able to access the evaluation tests when they deem it appropriate. In addition, the programming of last year’s edition would also be available to complete the training.

C1b3rWall Academy 2

  • Lanzamiento (Launch)
  • Cómo convertirse en ciberpolicía (How to becme a cybercop)
  • Transformación digital (Digital Transformation)
  • Blockchain y criptomonedas (Blockchain and cryptocurrencies)
  • Redes y arquitecturas (Networks and architectures)
  • Concienciación en ciberseguridad: fundamentos (Cybersecurity Awareness: Basics)
  • Concienciación en ciberseguridad: casos reales (Cybersecurity awareness: real cases)
  • Securización de entornos personales y de tabajo (Security of personal and work environments)
  • Inteligencia. Fuentes para la investigación (Intelligence. Sources for research)
  • Agentes de la amenaza (Threat Agents)
  • Gestión de incidentes. Buenas prácticas en cibercisis: Especial referencia Ransoware (Incient management. Best practices in cybercrisis: Special reference Ransomware)
  • Pentesting (Pentesting)
  • Análisis forense. Malware y técnicas de ocultación (Forensics. Malware and stealth techniques)
  • IoT y seguridad (IoT and security)
  • IR y seguridad (AI and security)
  • SmartCities (SmartCities)
  • Legaltech (Legaltech)
  • Drones (Drones)
  • Ciberseguriad y Data Science (Cybersecurity and Data Science)


Two types of diplomas or certificates are offered in all modules, certificates of attendance (free) and certificates of completion. In addition, you can apply for a diploma or general certificate of completion of the program. In the case of having passed at least 10 modules (300 hours), you can obtain the „C1b3rWall Academy Diploma“. To obtain the „C1b3rWall Academy Executive Diploma“ you must pass at least 15 modules (450 hours). 


The places are limited, register here:

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