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Cedefop – Matching Skills Tool

Cedefop developed an informational tool that is intended for decision-makers who work in the fields of skills development, (active) labour market policy, and other related policy areas. ‘Matching Skills Tool’ displays a variety of policy tools used by EU Member States to inform and shape upskilling or other skills-matching strategies for the present and the future of employment. These tools incorporate data on labour market trends and expected skill shortages.

About the tool

The emphasis is on cutting-edge policy tools that have recently been put in place and often work to tackle unemployment, facilitating transitions to jobs that better match their talents and skills, or make VET more adaptable to future changes in the labour market.

Beyond what has been formally published, the tool aids in a comparative understanding of the methods employed and the justifications for them. It offers details on actual planning, funding, and stakeholder involvement, as well as insight into how creative and effective a particular policy instrument is and whether it may be successfully used in other contexts.

The information is organised and presented by the tool in a way that is simple to access and understand. The tool covers 28 countries that can be filtered by country fiches and, respectively, for focus area or policy area. 

By navigating the tool, the user can draw inspiration to inform the design or reform of future-oriented skills matching policies and practices in his or her country or region.