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Coding for Tomorrow: Tools, Tips & Tricks

Tools, tips and tricks for teenagers, parents and teachers is a collection of resources on the topic of digital skills by the Vodafone Stiftung Foundation in Germany. The resource was created within the framework of the Coding for Tomorrow initiative of the foundation, which aims to promote the use of digital technology in teaching and learning and promote technology skills within the area of education. 

The resource was launched in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw schools in Germany closing their doors and switching to online and remote education. Coding for Tomorrow aims to address these challenges and minimise their impact on parents. Comprising of a repository of digital tools, tips and tricks for teachers, parents and students of all ages, the resource aims to encourage the testing of new digital formats to connect with one another (for school purposes but also for leisure). It offers various paths to tinkering, researching and developing joint projects online and collates the experience and feedback gathered by the Coding for Tomorrow community, which involves a variety of stakeholders throughout the national public and private sphere in Germany. 

Tools, tips and tricks for teenagers, parents and teachers aim to support students in orienting themselves in the digital ocean and keeping themselves informed when it comes to the latest technological developments, not necessarily described in formal textbooks. The repository shows parents and teachers a variety of websites, apps and podcasts, which target children, and offers tips to teachers to improve their use of digital technology in teaching and learning.