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Cyber Citizen Initiative

The Cyber Citizen Initiative is a program that will be active from 2022 to 2024. It has received five million euros in funding from the EU recovery instrument for a three-year period. The initiative is led by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications and executed by Aalto University, with Professor of Practice Jarno Limnéll serving as the Project Director.

The primary objective of the Cyber Citizen Initiative is to address the practical need for fostering a security culture in the digital environment that prioritizes human well-being. Its overarching goal is to establish a shared and comprehensive model for developing cyber citizen skills throughout the European Union, benefiting all Europeans.

What will the initiative offer?

By creating a European cybersecurity learning model, the initiative aims to enhance cybersecurity measures and establish common practices across the region. To facilitate learning, a digital learning portal will be developed based on this model. The portal will employ various e-learning methods and provide content tailored to different target groups. Additionally, an engaging cybersecurity game will be integrated into the portal, offering information and comprehension in an entertaining manner. Through the educational and communicative elements present in the learning portal, citizens will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world securely and confidently.

Phases in the initiative

  • Research phase: started 2022 – ready
  • Development of the learning model: started 2023
  • Learning portal, game development and production of other content: started 2023
  • Cyber citizen skills learning portal and learning game: outcome 2024