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CyberScan by Ma PME cybersécurisée

CyberScan is a free online assessment tool developed by Ma PME Cybersécurisée that enables individuals and businesses in the Wallonia region of Belgium to assess their cybersecurity posture. The tool is a questionnaire designed to help users identify potential vulnerabilities in their systems and provides recommendations on how to improve their cybersecurity. By addressing these weaknesses proactively, users can reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack and protect their sensitive data and systems.


The CyberScan tool is easy to use and only requires users to answer a series of questions about their IT infrastructure, security policies, and cybersecurity practices. Based on the user’s responses, the tool generates a comprehensive report that highlights areas of concern and provides recommendations for improvement. The questionnaire is divided in three sections: context, organisational measures, and technical measures. The report generated by the CyberScan tool includes a risk score that indicates the level of risk associated with the user’s cybersecurity posture. The report also provides specific recommendations for improving security in areas such as access control, network security, and data protection.


In addition, QuickScan is a tool designed for users who may not have the time or resources to complete a full CyberScan assessment but still want to get a general idea of their cybersecurity readiness. Users can complete the assessment in just a few minutes, making it a great option for busy individuals or small businesses with limited resources. QuickScan is also available in multiple languages, making it accessible to a wider audience.