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Digital life of Danes

project population survey
As residents of one of the world’s most digitised countries, Danes are increasingly helped and dependent on everyday digital technologies. Today, technologies are a prerequisite for us to do our work, they bind our social relations together and offer us new opportunities to make everyday duties easier and fun. But how do we do we do when it comes to navigating informed in a digital society committed to democratic values and who is coupled by the stern while technology is brauting there?
this population survey, the ADD project exploits citizens’ spectacles and provides an up-to-date picture of how Danes are dealing with digital technological developments.

Algorithms: With algorithms, we mean automated systems where a computer program analyses large amounts of data to make predictions and make decisions.

Digital data: Digital data covers digital data about you and your behaviour on different websites or apps.

Discover the results of the survey on the ADD project website. Click here.

On the
ADD project The project works to strengthen democracy by digital development through research, increased technology understanding, digital formation and dialogue.

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