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Enter your first C # code

This course is an introduction to the C # programming language and is designed to give you a firm basis to build on. In particular, it targets newcomers who want to start their journey in programming with a focus on C #.

The C # programming language offers a versatile platform to develop a wide range of applications. Below are some examples of the many types of programmes you can create with C #:

  • Business applications that collect, process and analyse data for different business needs
  • Interactive web applications that are dynamic and accessible directly via a browser
  • Games, both 2D and 3D
  • Applications used in finance and science, often with complex calculations
  • Molar solutions that can be scaled and adapted as needed
  • Mobile applications adapted to different mobile platforms

The versatility of c #’s makes it a tool that is useful in a wide range of fields and industrial applications.

  • Duration: 27 min
  • Free of charge
  • The course is given in several languages
  • Done at its own pace online