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The Latvian platform ‘’ offers advice on cybersecurity and guidance on the safe use of digital devices. It is designed and hosted by CERT.LV, the Information Technology Security Incident Response Institution of the Republic of Latvia.

The — CERT.LV website gathers useful information for Latvian citizens who are concerned with the security of their own computer, phone or other smart devices on the internet. The website gathers advice on various cybersecurity issues, such as data and privacy, security of equipment and software, security of social networks, cybersecurity in the workplace, as well as advice on how to talk to children about security issues in the internet environment..

Overview of available content 

  • In the Data and Privacy section, articles and reports on data and privacy issues, monthly publications translated into Latvian on data and privacy, as well as expert advice.
  • Equipment and software: information on the protection of computers and mobile devices, various cyber-cleaning boards, wireless network setting recommendations for their safe use, as well as other practical advice on the use of different tools.
  • Security of social networks — information on how to identify  and deal with fake news, how to avoid fraud and emotional humiliation on virtual platforms, as well as practical advice on the setting of social media profiles, password selection and privacy protection.
  • Information on threats — a list of the most common types of threats and recommendations on how to  avoid and solve them
  • Experts opinions: interviews, comments and opinions from industry experts, collection of information from media news on various cybersecurity topics.

Useful resources

  • Information on responsible organisations in Latvia’s cyberspace
  • Information on websites to search for help in different life situations (e.g. stolen passwords, reliability of internet shops, cryptocurrencies managers, dangerous websites).
  • Information on different types of fraud on the internet.
  • Information on how to recognise social engineering.
  • Lecture course on Cybercrime History.

What you can find in the “Safety at Work” section

Many more useful resources and information are available through the online platform. 

CERT.LV has also joined  the global cybersecurity initiative. THINK. LOG IN. (STOP. THINK. Connect.), which aims to help every computer user identify threats to the digital environment and promote security in the internet. Educational material is produced and published as part of the initiative.