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HackerStop Survey

HackerStop has developed an information security survey that prioritizes user-friendliness, speed, and accessibility for all organizations. The aim is to create an awareness platform that fosters a continuous safety culture, adaptable to specific situations and requirements.

The tool is freely available under registration, enabling businesses of all sizes to leverage its features without financial limitations. The survey has been collaboratively developed with IT experts from Dansk IT’s professional council, guaranteeing industry expertise and adherence to best practices. It can be taken in English and Dutch.

The survey

The HackerStop has designed a 36-question survey based on six important factors that are vital for cultivating a robust security culture within the organization. These factors are: passwords, messages, informations, devices, incidents and rules. By focusing on these key elements, HackerStop helps organizations assess their current security practices and identify areas for improvement

Tailored recommendations

Following the completion of the HackerStop survey, organizations receive immediate and tailored recommendations based on their measurement results. These recommendations are specifically designed to address the areas where the organization has the greatest potential for development. By offering targeted guidance, HackerStop enables organizations to take proactive steps to enhance their cybersecurity posture effectively.