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IKANOS Self-Assessment Tests

The IKANOS Self-Assessment Tests (SAT) provide users with personal digital profile based on the European digital competence framework DigComp 2.2

The European Digital Competence Framework (DigComp) is a tool to improve the digital competence of European people. Today, being digitally competent means that people need to have abilities in all areas of DigComp. The DigComp framework identifies the key components of digital competence in 5 areas: Information and data literacy, Communication and collaboration, Digital content creation, Safety and Problem solving. The newly updated and integrated Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp 2.2) framework provides more than 250 new examples of knowledge and skills to help European citizens with self-evaluation, identifying training offers and job search. Thanks to this update, DigComp will continue to play a central role in achieving the ambitious EU objectives set out by the Digital Decade and compass, with regard to the digital upskilling of the whole population – 80% of EU citizens to have basic digital skills by 2030.

IKANOS is an initiative of the Basque Government to make known the digital competences, to achieve that they are considered and to facilitate their advance and accreditation to the whole society. Ikanos model draws an improvement process with a personalized roadmap to take steps on objectives attached to reality and supported by very practical tools, based on the conceptual DigComp framework of the European Commission.

Its activities focus on:

  • Raising awareness of the need for digital skills enhancement for employability and learning in a disruptive digital transformation environment.
  • Provide a proposal for strategy and action to stakeholders (individuals, companies, organizations and sectors) to address the processes of improving digital skills.
  • Ensure that IKANOS proposal is permanently updated, innovative and identified as a reference in public policies.

IKANOS Self-Assessment Tests for:

In addition Competence diagnosis for the Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is offered. Tests are available in English, Spanish and Basque.

Main benefits:

  • IKANOS test induces users to reflect on their own digital competence and to discover all the dimensions of DigComp framework.
  • The simplicity of IKANOS test allows to use it both with teenagers starting secondary education and adults of all ages.
  • The IKANOS test works on any technological platform with a web browser and can be translated into any language.
  • IKANOS test has been used in large international industrial and service organizations with thousands of different professionals to audit digital skills and to guide the design of digital training.

IKANOS tests are simple, it works on any device and it has been completed by more than 70.000 citizens, professionals, teachers and students until 2020. It will take about 25 minutes to complete and at the end, you will be able to download your results in a personalized report on PDF format.