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IMEC Smart City Metre 2021

The emergence of advanced information and communication technologies, such as wireless internet, smartphones and big data, has led to an increasing demand to transform our cities and municipalities into smart cities and municipalities. A smart city or municipality makes optimal use of digital information and communication technologies to tackle urban or municipal challenges more efficiently and to improve the lives of residents and visitors. However, building a smart city or municipality is no easy task. Indeed, technology can be used in different ways to address a diverse range of urban challenges, with each technology application having both advantages and disadvantages, of which privacy breaches are the most well-known, but not the only disadvantage.

The Smart City Meter is primarily an exploratory study based on a convenience sample (respondents were not randomly drawn from the Flemish population, so representativeness is not guaranteed). The main purpose of this survey is to map general patterns of thinking, behaviour, agreements and differences of opinion among the population. This report therefore mainly consists of descriptive analyses. The results can then be used for more in-depth research in which explanations are sought for the behavior and opinions of citizens.