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InnoCAPE Digital Maturity Assessment tool

The InnoCAPE Digital Maturity Assessment tool has been designed in the framework of the InnoCAPE project, which aims to establish a cooperation model for sustainable evolution of the Baltic Sea Region’s digital innovation ecosystem, through increased capacity of public enablers, such as public authorities and digital innovation hubs (DIHs).

The DMA tool will help you to discover where you stand in your digital journey, how you compare with other industry players and identify your areas of possible development. In fact, nowadays companies still find it hard sometimes to get the proper answers to fundamental questions such as: what is actually in digitalisation for our business? How do we compare to other companies? Where do we start and what should we focus on?. The InnoCAPE DMA Tool can help get exactly those answers.

The test has been designed for all kind of businesses (although with a special focus on SMEs), in order to provide them with the foundations to discuss about challenges and strategic priorities on digitalisation processes for companies. It consists of 26 questions and it takes only around 20 minutes. You will be assessed across 5 dimensions, each vital to your capacity to leverage digitalisation:

  • digital technology integration
  • organisation and leadership
  • strategy
  • digital innovation
  • data analytics.

After talking the tests, the results will show the extent to which these dimensions are developed in your company, but also how you measure up to other companies in your industry, country and the Baltic Sea Region. As well as launching a discussion about digitalisation in your company, the results can also be used to initiate a dialogue with the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) in your region.