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Machine Learning Basics

Machine Learning Basics is a digital skills resource by Google Bulgaria in the form of a set of educational videos, with a total time of 1 hour, which takes learners through the most essential concepts in the field of machine learning. It is part of the larger repository of free trainings offered in Bulgarian – Google Digital Garage, an initiative aiming to foster skills to work in a digitalised world, as well as the accessibility of online and digital tools. On a broader level, its objective is to ensure that everyone is equipped with the skills they need to take part in the digital revolution. 

The video resource provides an overview of central aspects to machine learning and the technology’s application in various contexts – from medicine through manufacturing to the entertainment industry. By looking at these use cases and innovations across fields, the resource examines the potential of machine learning and its benefits to any business process. It is free of charge and open to anyone – no prerequisite digital knowledge is required. The resource comprises of 3 short videos, guiding learners through problem-solving approaches in machine learning and towards an improved understanding of the technological landscape.