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MoreThanDigital Platform

The MoreThanDigital platform was created to give people access to knowledge about digitisation, what it is and how it can be beneficial for entrepreneurs and more. The platform deals with general topics, trends and digitisation terms are also explained. MoreThanDigital’s goal is to help people to cope with the challenges created by new technologies, digitalisation, innovation, and the changing business world. 

With over 500 companies, organisations, and experts, MoreThanDigital works with dozens of authors to cover endless topics to make industry knowledge and scientific expertise understandable and available in manageable amounts. The platform also supports SMEs with pilot projects, networks with specialists, advise politicians and political parties, and finally arrange lectures and keynotes to explain the topics of digitalisation. 

Features of the MoreThanDigital platform

The platform breaks content down into levels, drivers and trends, strategy, departments and even industries, to ensure that visitors to the platform can find exactly what they need to know. There is also an events page where new events are posted for both the public and members of the platform. Being a member of the platform is an opportunity to publish content and be present in a large audience of industry-orientated participants.