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Safer Internet Activities: Resources for Schools & Libraries

The material can be useful for organising activities on internet safety and digital skills for schools and libraries. The virtual repository contains material suitable for both children and adults and aim to raise awareness amongst all people so they can become confident Internet users. 

The material has been developed in the context of the Safer Internet project, which aims to raise public awareness of harmful information and behaviour online, and promote safer use of the internet and new technologies, especially for children. 

Methodological material provided

  • Information material on social networks, advice on safe online behaviour.
  • Short videos that can be demonstrated and discussed with children, parents or school community.
  • Videos on online behaviour of children and young people.
  • Activity ideas and plans that can be adapted for Safer Internet activities.
  • Safer Internet and IT knowledge assessment tests for both children and adults.
  • Safer Internet activity ideas developed by school librarians for the „Safer Internet Week in my school“ competition.
  • Videos of seminars on various Internet safety topics.
  • Teachers’ methodological material for Safer Internet activities.
  • Links to other online resources for Safer Internet education.
  • Videos of the Safer Internet Week 2021 lessons for school-age children.

Digital skills resources: highlighted material

This educational lesson will explain why online games are so engaging and how you can play them safely. And how to know if you are addicted to online games?

On the internet, we communicate and share our thoughts, information and photos. But how do you choose what to share online and what is better kept to yourself and your family?

We are exposed to all kinds of content when we browse the internet. This educational lesson will explain what harmful content is and what you should do when you encounter it.

How many friends do we have in games, social networks or messaging apps, and do we know them all? In this educational lesson, we will talk about communicating with online friends and cyberbullying.

The last lesson revisits the rules for safer online behaviour learned during Safer Internet Week.