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Test your digital skills tool

The digital skills self-assessment tool, named “Test your digital skills”, is the new innovative tool that supports anybody to assess their level of digital skills and identify a learning plan to improve them, with a focus on the skills required to thrive in the world of work.  

The tool was developed by the European Commission with one simple goal, to increase the number of Europeans with basic digital skills, and therefore supports the goals of the Digital Decade: making sure 80% of Europeans have at least basic digital skills by 2030. The test is available in 29 languages, both on the Europass portal and on the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform.

The assessment and the test questions are based on the European Digital Competence Framework (DigComp) and follow its core areas.

“Test your digital skills” tool aims to globally improve awareness and knowledge about digital skills, starting from providing a clear picture of the user’s level, and it is useful for people from any background, for example:

  • Employees who want to upskill or reskill within their current jobs;
  • Jobseekers who wish to better their chances in the labour market;
  • Learners of any age who want to understand digital competences and improve them etc.

How the tool works

The tool offers an opportunity to chart your own learning path: from the initial assessment of digital skills to tailored support with suggestions for courses that best match your objectives. These are its main steps:

  • Users take a test of 15-20 minutes, to quickly assess their digital skills with targeted questions based on the DigComp framework, as well as their interests and work ambitions.
  • After completing the test, users receive a detailed report on their level of digital skills, which includes a specific assessment and score for each competence area, and help them identify the main areas to improve.
  • Finally, users will be able to access the Learning Roadmap, which outlines guidelines, areas of improvement and steps to take to consolidate or improve their skills, and finally achieve their learning goals.

The tool will be improved with additional features in the near future, such as targeted suggestions of training courses, based on the results of the test, and tailored to the user’s profile.

All results are stored on your profile on the Digital Skills & Jobs Platform, so you can access them anytime, anywhere.