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17.07.2023 |

Learn the basics of 3D graphics and how to lay them out to create your environment using the professional game and VR engine Unity3D.

Discover the art of crafting virtual reality worlds and objects in this immersive course. Dive into the intricacies of materials, texturing, and sound design to bring realism to your creations. Uncover the unique demands of VR, addressing potential challenges and optimizing performance for a seamless experience.

Harness the power of Unity3D, a leading game and VR engine known for its accessibility and comprehensive 3D development capabilities. Through hands-on projects, you’ll construct your own VR scene, as learning VR development is best achieved through practical experience. Embark on this journey to master the craft of VR creation.

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Programme Duration

5 weeks

Academic Direction
Goldsmiths, University of London and University of London

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For University of London:

Although proudly rooted in London, our community and impact are global.

The University of London is a world-leading university with around 40,000 students studying across more than 190 countries.

We are a national leader in the humanities, and we promote their value to society and the economy through knowledge creation and exchange.

We are also a federation of 17 esteemed higher education institutions, with collaboration at the heart of our ethos.

The University of London was founded in 1836 to promote access to higher education. We pioneered distance learning across the globe. We were the first University in the world to admit students regardless of their gender, race or religion. In 1878 we were the first UK university to award degrees to women. Improving access and equality of opportunity remains our mission to this day. Read more about our history


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Digital skills for all

Digital technology

Digital skills





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Free training

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