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24.01.2023 |

With artificial intelligence, any IT company can increase its productivity by 2 to 5 times in the next year. A few days ago, the first event of BASCOM’s Business Tree series took place, which is part of a series of hands-on events where leaders from the technology sector come together to share about the issues and challenges they face.

Marina Shiderov, member of BASCOM’s Board of Directors, and Dobroslav Dimitrov, Chairman of BASCOM’s Board of Directors, CEO and co-founder of one of the largest gaming companies, talk in detail in “Our Day”.

“The initiative is BASCOM’s new practical format for a series of events where leaders from the technology sector meet and talk about all the challenges they face. The idea is for a different format that has real added value through content,” Marina Shiderov points out.

She adds that the topic of artificial intelligence is extremely hot because it gives a new perspective to the IT sector. It’s important for business leaders to have a vision to realign their companies.

“Artificial intelligence is not the topic right now, it is the only topic. Whatever epithets I use, I won’t exaggerate how serious the situation really is. Change will most rapidly come to the IT sector, and accordingly it must react most quickly. But otherwise it concerns all sectors and all professions,” says Dobroslav Dimitrov.

He adds that this technology is available to everyone. ChatGPT alone currently has over 100 million users worldwide. Millions of developers working with these tools are upgrading and if companies don’t keep up with this, they could become highly redundant.

Is it the end of developers’ time? This question is absolutely valid for all professions related to intellectual labor.

“It’s not artificial intelligence we have to worry about, it’s natural intelligence. Because some people who embrace these technologies and start using them will become 10 times more efficient than other people who don’t use them, and will take their jobs accordingly,” says Dobroslav Dimitrov.

Marina Siderov explained that all IT leaders now have a lot of power in their hands because this unlocks a very beautiful and new world.

At the centre of all technology is the human being, but it matters whether they want to be there. If people are going to ignore this change and live without it, they will become highly redundant. Those who use it will be many times better off than those who do not, summarises Dobroslav Dimitrov.

Running AI requires a huge responsibility and has a serious moral aspect. Everybody is now into the IT sector because it is a fundamental and critical sector for the economy.

Dobroslav Dimitrov commented that the super-profits tax is a tax on “super economic stupidity”. The basis of any business is to invest years and work even at a loss and at some point make a profit. To have a high value-added economy means not seizing that value when it appears. And an excess profits tax will hit high value-added industries. This is extremely dangerous for the future of Bulgaria.

“We hold enormous power in our hands right now, but it depends on how we use it. My colleagues and I in the IT sector have a big responsibility on how we are going to deal with this in the most ethical way possible and apply this power in creating good things,” Marina Shiderov added.

More details can be heard in the audio file here.



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