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28.04.2023 |

Your bank today is the bank of your future yesterday. The new edition of the Banking Today specialised banking conference will showcase the banks that have entered the new “customer-first” era.

In a high level of discussion, three panels will discuss the new architecture that banks are creating to improve the experience for their customers, as well as the specifics of fintech engines. Representatives from leading financial institutions and regulators in Bulgaria will provide their expertise and professional insight on the macroeconomic changes that will impact the banking and financial market in the country. They will also outline what new business-useful products and services the sector will offer in 2023.

When: 4 May 2023

Where: Inter Expo Center

Highlights of the Banking Today programme:

  • Evolution of banking
  • Fin-tech payments – anywhere, anytime
  • ESG – green gets real
  • Infrastructure for fintech innovation
  • Interest rates and inflation, what to expect from the second half of 2023.
  • 2024 – a key year for the euro and Bulgaria


Representatives of the banking and financial industry, business representatives, consultants, CFO managers of large companies, representatives of regulatory frameworks, fintech companies.

More about the program, speakers and REGISTRATION HERE.


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