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31.03.2023 |

 AI N’ CYBER Conference 2022 was a conference for the latest cutting-edge technologies, trends, and challenges in the fast-evolving world of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

A two-day conference, “AI N’ CYBER Conference 2022”, aimed at gathering experts in the fields of cyber security, artificial intelligence, and machine learning; IT consultants; business intelligence analysts, intelligent system engineers, developers, business leaders, business managers, CEO, CIO, Governmental officials, Internet Attorneys, Start-up representatives, entrepreneurs, students, graduates, IT enthusiasts to examine the topic of cybersecurity and use of AI – ethical norms, standardization norms by international organizations such as OECD, EU regulation and use of emerging and disruptive technology for security and defense in NATO countries.

The conference presented responsible solutions to public challenges through trustworthy lectures and discussions focused on AI and showcasing the cybersecurity risks brought by the accelerating digital transformation. It addressed the necessary steps towards national digital transition in Bulgaria – a country positioned as a digital innovations hub in the South-eastern Region with a recognized pool of experts. Furthermore, during the first day of the AI N’ CYBER CONFERENCE 2022, aside from the Main stage were organized cyber workshops, provided by world-known leaders from the cyber security industry. Each workshop provided paralleled networking opportunities and stimulated the debate and discuss challenges and opportunities, possible ways to address the issues of how best to prepare for the digital transition, and the most suitable framework in line with the best practices and international standards and guidelines.

Overall, the AI N’ CYBER Conference 2022 presented a platform where responsible solutions to societal challenges connected to the digital sector can be presented and to shape the necessary steps towards a national digital transition in Bulgaria. Public sector and government representatives from Bulgaria and abroad, as well as senior officials from the European Commission, European Investment Bank, and NATO, shared experiences and discussed best practices, strategies, and skills needed for the successful deployment of digital tools to build a sustainable and secure digital infrastructure in Bulgaria. The promotion of artificial intelligence was also addressed as one of the key factors to ensure the competitiveness of the European economy. Private businesses in Bulgaria presented success stories related to the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning, local innovative developments, and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration. Cyber industry leaders introduced the audience to the new realities in digital security, the change in cyber-attacks after COVID-19 and during the Russia-Ukraine war, and strategies to build good cybersecurity habits.



Target audience

Digital skills for all

Digital skills for ICT professionals




Digital technology

Artificial Intelligence



Digital National Alliance



Type of the initiative

National initiative

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