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Bulgarian chatbot platform with AI is launched on March 3

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Bulgarian chatbot platform with AI is launched on March 3

25.01.2024 |

ChatGPT, the globally renowned artificial intelligence chatbot platform, will soon have its Bulgarian counterpart. The entirely Bulgarian program, which is essentially the first open artificial intelligence in Bulgarian, was developed by specialists from the INSAIT research institute at Sofia University.

The program will be called BgGPT and will symbolically start working on our national holiday on March 3. This was announced by the institute at a special event in Sofia Tech Park, which was attended by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, Education Minister Galin Tsokov, prof. Martin Vechev, Scientific Director of INSAIT and Eng. Borislav Petrov, Executive Director of INSAIT. Official guests of the event were prof. Georgi Valchev, Rector of Sofia University “St. Rolf Ott, ChargĂ© d’Affaires of the Swiss Confederation in Sofia.

Bulgaria is one of the few countries that develops its own similar platform in its own language, and which information stays in our country and does not depend on foreign corporations, thus showing that we can be a technological leader and not just a consumer noted prof. Martin Vechev, Scientific Director of INSAIT.

The platform will be completely open and free and is based on more than 3 billion words and phrases, with much more to come. In the beginning, priority for its use will be given to scientific and public organizations, which can sign up in advance to use it before the official release date of 3 March.



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