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30.03.2023 |

 The Digital Bulgaria 2025 Programme aims at modernising and increasing the widespread implementation of intelligent information technology (IT) solutions in all areas of the economy and social life. Another objective of the programme focuses on the strategic enhancement of digital competence and skills at all levels.

The Digital Bulgaria 2025 programme is coordinated by the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communication of Bulgaria. Digital Bulgaria 2025 sets out 3 main objectives when it comes to digital skills development on a national level: 

  • Modernisation of school and higher education in the field of ICT

The implementation of this objective includes key activities such as: promoting the development of a modern and reliable information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure at schools, improving assessment of students’ digital competences upon graduation from high school, modernising the educational curriculum and teaching methods, and upskilling teachers, educators and training providers. Activities also aim to further strengthen cooperation between education, industry and the non-governmental sector.

  • Increasing the number of highly qualified specialists in the field of ICT

To implement this objective two key activities are considered: increasing the number of young people trained for ICT professions, and promoting the development of qualified ICT specialists through a focus on lifelong learning and upskilling approaches. 

  • Improving  the digital and ICT skills of the workforce

Under this objective, upskilling and reskilling programmes financed by the Bulgarian Government are considered. 

More detailed information about the digital skills priorities of the Programme can be found in the full Programme document (pages 33-34) and Roadmap (both available in Bulgarian).


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Digital skills for all

Digital skills for ICT professionals

Digital skills in education

Digital skills for children

Digital skills for public administration

Digital technology 

Digital Skills

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National strategy


The Digital Bulgaria 2025 programme is coordinated by the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications.



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