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Java is becoming an increasingly common language among the younger generation. But it is not the easiest to learn. Coherent Solutions has a solution.


Coherent Solutions is an international organisation with a long tradition in the IT sector. Among them is the Java summer school for teenagers. This innovative initiative is designed for the children of the company’s working experts and aims to encourage the discovery of young talent with an affinity for IT sciences. The school not only reflects Coherent Solutions’ dedication to supporting the next generation of technology enthusiasts, but also demonstrates the company’s pioneering spirit in creating opportunities that extend far beyond the corporate landscape.

The genesis of the idea

Seven years ago, employees at Coherent Solutions in Belarus were thinking about how to support their children and introduce them to the IT industry. This is how the idea of a summer school was born, where children are introduced to programming and the work of a programmer. Initially, the summer school was organized only in Belarus and included training in .NET, Front-end and Java.

This year, however, the summer school will be global and include children from more than one country. Besides the children, even the professional programmers from Coherent Solutions are showing interest and support for the initiative. Each year a survey is conducted to gauge the opinions of parents and children, which helps to continuously develop and improve the summer school program. The reception and growth in the number of participants each year has been particularly admirable.

The main objective

Coherent Solutions’ courses are designed for teenagers aged 14 to 17 and aim to introduce them to the programming profession. Participants learn about the industry and have the opportunity to start a career at Coherent Solutions as an intern or junior programmer. The course includes individual assignments that gradually progress to team projects, offering valuable experience in collaborative code writing and teamwork.

Furthermore, the main priority is to achieve a career orientation for the children and create mutual understanding. The long-term goal of Coherent Solutions is to promote the IT industry and educate a new generation of technology professionals, which in turn leads to a more sustainable development of the company.

The future is global

The future edition of this initiative is called “Global Summer School” and will now cover even more technologies and programming languages. Publications related to .NET, front-end, databases, algorithms and more are planned. Each year the focus will be different, and the trainings will be held in both English and Russian.

“In the coming years we plan to continue with this initiative and launch similar schools in different areas. It is important to give young people the opportunity to try out different programming languages and related technologies. It is strategically important for us to keep the young generation interested in learning and development,” concludes Oleg.



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