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20.04.2023 |

Blockchain technologies are solving more and more problems in business, and this is leading to a huge demand for programmers in this field. This course will be able to give the students the necessary skills to start a career as a Blockchain Developer. They will learn how blockchain technology works and what are its building blocks. They will understand the best development environments, tools and practices in developing Smart Contracts. Students will learn to code in Solidity, the language most used in Smart Contracts development. The audience will create Web3.0 applications with JavaScript by reading data from the blockchain, integrating a Web3.0 Wallet connection, and creating transactions. In addition, the most used architectures in developing decentralized applications, how Web2.0 and Web3.0 connect, and what some of the most well-known blockchain protocols are will be presented.

Skills you will acquire:

  • Solidity Programming
  • Creating Blockchain Applications through Basic Desing Patterns
  • GAS Optimizing Smart Contracts
  • Working with basic Security concepts when implementing Smart Contracts
  • Interacting with blockchain using JavaScript
  • Working with blockchain technologies
  • Working with architectures for decentralized applications
  • Working with blockchain protocols

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for students who have abstract and algorithmic thinking, can handle more complex functions, have mastered the concepts of object-oriented programming in the JavaScript programming language. It is recommended that students participating in the course have gone through the Advanced level of the programming language and have the skills to work with REST API, asynchronous programming, DOM, HTML and CSS.

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Course registration is open until April 23.



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Digital skills for all

Digital skills in education

Digital technology


Digital skills




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Paid training (190lv)

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