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04.07.2023 |

In the field of online education, Coursera is a leader in accessible knowledge, bridging the gap between those who want to learn and top-tier educational institutions. Founded in 2012 by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Kohler, Coursera has grown into a global platform that offers a variety of courses, allowing anyone with an internet connection to learn from world-renowned experts. Operating on a “freemium” model, Coursera offers its courses for free, providing unlimited access to video lectures, interactive quizzes and assignments. However, for those who want formal recognition of their achievements, there is the option to purchase a certificate, making it an attractive proposition for both ordinary learners and those looking to develop professionally.

The mechanism behind Coursera’s widespread influence is simple. It democratizes education by offering courses on topics ranging from machine learning to music theory. Learners can enroll at any time and go through the material at their own pace. With a commitment to inclusive education, Coursera accommodates different learning styles through subtitles, translations, and varying levels of engagement. Additionally, Coursera creates a global community of learners who can connect with each other.

For those seeking to grow intellectually and hone skills, Coursera offers opportunity. Through this platform, anyone can access high-quality education on their terms, gaining experience from respected institutions without the constraints of a traditional classroom. Whether a person wants to change careers, develop a hobby, or simply satisfy their curiosity, Coursera offers many courses that can be tailored to individual needs.

Coursera has also emerged as a catalyst to address the growing market for digital jobs and skills in Europe. Through its wide range of courses, people can acquire in-demand digital skills, while keeping up with the changing demands of the job market. By offering flexible and accessible education, Coursera empowers Europeans to embrace the digital age, fostering a workforce equipped to navigate and succeed in an increasingly technology-driven landscape.


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Digital skills for all

Digital technology

Digital skills






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Free training

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Up to one week

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