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14.08.2023 |

In the context of ever-changing and evolving information technology, digital assets and data are gradually becoming more and more important to every business, and securing them should be among the top priorities of executives.

Cybersecurity has become a central issue as technologies and digital transformation  keep playing a bigger role in everyone’s lives and businesses. 

The acceleration of familiar and emerging trends in cyber attacks means that each organisation should be ready to face an ever-changing environment where risk is inherent. In today’s cyber climate, no fish is too small for an attacker to try to hook.

The forthcoming edition of the Cyber Security and Data Protection Forum, organized by Capital, will present the recent trends in the sector. It will give practical knowledge on how to identify, analyze, evaluate, prioritize and respond to potential risks.

The speakers and the participants will consist of leaders from the cyber industry, governmental decision-makers, technology experts, investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors who will exchange deep experience and best practices within the conference.

Topics will include the Bulgarian government’s approach, how to increase efficiency and effectiveness, attacks on cloud services, cyber insurance and much more.

The event will be a hybrid – on-site at Sofia Tech Park and online, with several keynote lectures and panel discussions and fireside chats. The forum will take place on 16 November 2023.


Target audience

Digital skills for all

Digital skills for the workforce

Digital skills for ICT professionals

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Paid event (from 36 lv for livestream to 174 lv in-person)


Online event

In-person event


Sofia Tech Park

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