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28.04.2023 |

The European Digital Innovation Hub “Trakia” was officially opened – a joint project between the Union for Business Initiative, the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, the University of Plovdiv “St. Paisii Hilendarski”, the Bulgarian Association for Cybersecurity and the Municipality of Plovdiv.

The European Digital Innovation Hub aims to lead to digital transformation and network security in municipal structures, small and medium-sized enterprises in the south-central region of Bulgaria, as well as to assist the process of attracting foreign and national investments in industries with high added value.

“The role of the European digital innovation hub Trakia is to provide businesses and local administration with innovative digital solutions and integrate them into their daily activities. It provides a free range of services for cyber security, access to finance, education and networking for all interested parties”, explained during the opening the chairman of the Union for Business Initiative and project coordinator Vaska Baklarova.

The event was also attended by the Minister of Electronic Government Georgi Todorov, the Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry Yanko Topalov, the Deputy Mayor Todor Chonov, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Communication and Information Technologies at the BAS Assoc. Velizar Shalamanov, the national coordinator on cyber security for Bulgaria Petar Kirkov and others.

“One of the main priorities of the Cabinet is to improve digital connectivity. A leading condition for this is the development and effective implementation of new technologies. Today we are opening the European Digital Innovation Hub and with this we are demonstrating a step forward”, said the Minister of e-Government, Georgi Todorov.

He added that, according to his team’s research, companies that follow the digital transformation path are more profitable and their market valuation is higher than the industry average.

Deputy Mayor Todor Chonov also welcomed the initiative and reminded that in 2022 Plovdiv Municipality became a full member of the European Digital Innovation Hub “Trakia”.

“As the second largest municipality in Bulgaria, Plovdiv Municipality is obliged to be among the leaders in the development of digital transformation. The municipal administration is gradually and surely changing under the impact of the ever-increasing digitalization. This is a process in which I am sure that our joint work will upgrade the knowledge, skills and competences of municipal employees,” said Chonov.

The event also includes a forum with two discussion panels – European Digital Innovation Hub “Thrace” – a bridge in public-private partnership and Funding opportunities for digital transformation and cybersecurity for business.


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