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01.04.2023 |

AmCham Bulgaria together with the Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency and in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria and BASSCOM organize a webinar focusing on the opportunities for technological companies to grow on the American market. This event is designed for those companies that aim to invest in scaleup in America.

About the webinar

Industry seasoned speakers and startup mentors from the United States will share what resources are available to Bulgarian SME software and services startups for their plans to grow in the United States. Bulgarian and European tech developers are increasingly facing the imperative to grow beyond their continent due to various limitation at home – either caused by limited market size or obsolete regulation. One third of the USD 5 trillion global information technology (IT) market is in the United States, making it the largest tech market in the world.

The Webinar will tackle issues like what it takes to enter the US market with an existing software product or service, how to raise the capital needed to invest in US scaling, is such available to non-American entities, how to become and investor or a start-up in the United States, and where could one find support and “soft-landing” for their overseas growth initiative in America. Within the U.S. tech market itself, almost half of spending is in the tech services and software industries, so finding partnership opportunities as B2B supplier to the American tech sector will also be addressed – yet another form of market entry scaleup in the United States.

You can find the agenda and register here.



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