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Films, with their captivating narratives and compelling characters, have always been a powerful medium for teaching important life lessons. However, the significance of cinema extends far beyond mere entertainment. Films are, in fact, potent vehicles for imparting foundational societal values, especially in an age where digital technology has become an integral part of our lives. ARS Kino, a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of film education for children, understands the immense potential of cinema in teaching youngsters the values that underpin digital humanism. In a remarkable journey to the Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film Festival, ARS Kino continued its mission of using film as a tool for nurturing the hearts and minds of young individuals.

For the sixth consecutive year, ARS Kino had the privilege of participating in the Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film Festival, a celebration of the magic that cinema weaves in the minds of children and young people. The festival, known for its dedication to promoting cultural growth and multicultural communication, provided the perfect platform for ARS Kino to showcase the profound impact of films on the development of children and youth.

Stephanie Velichkova, the Chairperson of ARS Kino, played a pivotal role in the festival. She engaged in an in-depth conversation within the EPYC Project, an initiative focused on interactive education and the use of film as a tool to teach values. Stephanie emphasized the significance of fostering emotional intelligence, compassion, creativity, love, and peace through the medium of cinema. Her insights shed light on how films can serve as a vehicle to instill these values in young minds, creating a generation of emotionally intelligent and open-hearted citizens.

But ARS Kino’s involvement didn’t stop there. They had the honor of selecting two remarkable children over the age of 16 to join the international jury at the festival. This unique opportunity allowed these young participants to be warmly welcomed by local families and engage in an incredible cultural exchange. Such experiences go a long way in promoting cross-cultural understanding, breaking down barriers, and fostering friendships that transcend borders.

ARS Kino’s belief in the vital role of cinema in the cultural growth of children and youth is underlined by their mission: to enable young individuals to critically appreciate film art and embrace it as a direct path to becoming emotionally intelligent, open, and peaceful citizens of the world. The Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film Festival aligns perfectly with this mission, making it an essential part of ARS Kino’s annual calendar.

The heart of this journey lies in the recognition of films as powerful vehicles for teaching youngsters the foundational societal values that underpin digital humanism. Through compelling narratives and relatable characters, films offer an engaging and accessible platform for imparting values that are crucial for navigating the digital age responsibly and ethically.

Here are some of the key societal values central to digital humanism that are effectively conveyed through cinema:

  1. Respect for Others: Films illustrate the importance of treating others with respect, both in physical and digital spaces. Characters who display empathy, kindness, and consideration in their online interactions serve as role models for youngsters, illustrating the value of respectful communication and behavior.
  2. Privacy and Consent: Youngsters learn about the fundamental rights of privacy and informed consent as they watch characters grapple with issues of personal data, surveillance, and boundaries. These narratives emphasize the significance of respecting individuals’ privacy and obtaining consent before sharing personal information.
  3. Inclusivity and Diversity: Films celebrate diversity and inclusivity, teaching youngsters to appreciate the richness of different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. These stories promote the idea that digital spaces should be welcoming and respectful of all, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.
  4. Responsibility and Accountability: Characters in films often face the consequences of their actions, whether in the physical or digital world. These stories underscore the importance of taking responsibility for one’s behavior and understanding that digital actions can have real-world implications.
  5. Critical Thinking and Digital Literacy: Films can inspire critical thinking by showcasing characters who use their intellect and digital literacy to decipher fact from fiction, identify misinformation, and make informed decisions online. This encourages youngsters to develop their analytical skills and become discerning consumers of digital content.
  6. Social Justice and Activism: Movies featuring young activists using digital platforms for social justice causes demonstrate the potential for digital tools to effect positive change. These narratives inspire youngsters to become engaged citizens who use technology to advocate for equality and justice.
  7. Mental and Emotional Well-Being: Films shed light on the importance of digital well-being and balance in the digital age. Characters who grapple with the consequences of digital addiction or unhealthy online behavior encourage youngsters to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being while navigating the digital landscape.

In summary, films offer a captivating and relatable way for youngsters to absorb and internalize the societal values that serve as the foundation of digital humanism. These values, when learned through the cinematic medium, help shape young minds to become responsible, empathetic, and ethical digital citizens who contribute positively to the digital world while respecting human dignity and well-being.

ARS Kino’s participation in the Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film Festival underscores the organization’s dedication to this mission. They believe that by promoting the values of digital humanism through cinema, they are not only nurturing the cultural growth of children and youth but also fostering a generation of responsible, compassionate, and empathetic citizens who will positively influence the digital world. Through their tireless efforts, ARS Kino continues to pave the way for a brighter and more harmonious future, where the magic of cinema becomes a guiding light for the next generation.



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