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28.04.2023 |

The shortage of staff in the IT sector is an undeniable fact. The right way to address it is multi-layered and dynamic, just like the industry itself. “TBS Academy” was established with a clear mission – to offer the best practical and personalized training in the field of IT infrastructure.

Established in 2021, “TBS Academy” has been able to train a total of 40 professionals, 21 of whom are already working in the company, having chosen the department they want to develop in themselves. Completely free of charge, the Academy enables anyone with an interest in the field to not only gain knowledge, but also to get a chance for future career development at TBS after successfully completing the training. At its core are the drive of the teaching team and a clear awareness of a holistic transformation of learners. The academy is gaining popularity, starting with 25 candidates in 2021, a number that has grown significantly to 122 for the last training.

A new, more ambitious stage in the Academy’s history, encouraged by its great success, is its expansion to other Balkan countries following the same model, with TBS offices becoming educational hubs of sorts. Up-to-date, different and practically oriented, the Academy successfully combines ambition and the drive for knowledge with the need for well-trained IT staff.

About the Academy

The training starts with a three-month technology-focused theoretical part that covers the basics of modern IT infrastructure. Upon successful completion of the first stage, it progresses to a paid three-month practical internship, during which trainees get the opportunity to get involved in real company projects on an ongoing basis. For many, the final step is to start a job at TBS that guides them in their overall career development.

After gaining hands-on experience, new experts are encouraged to take a company-sponsored, internationally recognized certification exam. For this purpose, the Academy’s own certification centre, part of the Pearson VUE network, is located in the TBS office in Sofia. It is also available to external candidates. The centre offers certification exams of leading IT companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Dell, IBM and many others. Nearly 300 certification exams have been conducted in the last year, half of them by TBS employees and the other half by external candidates.

Since human resource is the core of TBS’s progress, creating professionals with the right focus and understanding of market needs is an absolute must. It is crucial to invest in initiatives that support and develop young professionals. Thanks to optimized training content, adequate planning and vast teaching experience, the “TBS Academy” is considered one of the main pillars in the company’s strategic development. Future trainings will build on the knowledge base in line with TBS’s long-term vision and with a focus on current expert needs.


Target audience

Digital skills for all

Digital skills for the workforce

Digital skills for ICT professionals

Digital skills in education

Digital technology

Digital skills

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