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08.08.2023 |

The funding and tender opportunities web page gives you an overview of the calls for proposals (‘calls’) that are forthcoming or already open.  Each call has its own call document, related to a particular topic. It gives more precise information on some of the issues that the European Commission would like you to address in the proposal.

The funding and tender opportunities web page hosts the services for managing your proposals and projects throughout their lifecycle.

The application process

Submit your proposal

If you wish to respond to a call, you must submit a proposal before 17:00 Brussels time on the day of the indicated call deadline.  Please note that this deadline and specific time are strict and must be respected. The European Commission strongly advises to submit your proposal in good time and not to wait until the last moment.

All proposals need to be submitted online.

Find your partners

If you need help to identify a potential partner with particular competences, facilities or experience, use the partner search options.


Once the deadline has passed, all proposals are evaluated against the criteria published in the Work Programme, resulting in a list of proposals in priority order. Independent experts specialized in the relevant fields may be involved in the evaluation. 

Grant agreement

When the evaluation is over, applicants are informed on the outcome.  

The European Commission will draw up a grant agreement with each of the successful participants within the limits of the allocated budget. The grant agreement describes the activities to be undertaken, in line with the objectives of the call, the project’s duration, budget, rates and costs, as well as the European Commission’s contribution, the rights and obligations and other specificities linked to the topic covering the specific grant agreement. 

The time frame for signing the grant agreements is up to 9 months from the closure of the call.


Target audience

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Digital technology 

Digital skills

Form of the funding

Country suitable for the funding



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