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04.03.2023 |

 Web programming is a way to create content in the online space. This skill is not only highly sought after by most employers in the IT sector, but also enables freelance work. The course below will introduce you to the basics of web programming, and is suitable for complete beginners. The course is also suitable for those who do not wish to become professional web application developers, but simply want to understand the basics of creating web content or how the browser we all use every day works.

The goal of the “HTML & CSS” course is an initial introduction and overview of the HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. Through the training, you can acquire basic knowledge in web development, web browsers, HTML & CSS development tools, and develop practical skills for using the HTML content description language and the CSS content styling language.

When studying HTML, attention is paid to the basic HTML tags, paragraphs, lists, tables, forms and controls, and semantic HTML tags.

When studying CSS, attention is paid to basic CSS selectors and styles, working with classes, presentation rules, positioning rules, and layout in CSS.

The course ends with a practical workshop and the creation of a complete page with HTML and CSS.

The course is offered completely free of charge by SoftUni Ltd. after registration on the online platform through the provided link.


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