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08.09.2023 |

Immerse yourself in the realm of high-speed server-interconnect technology with InfiniBand. Its unparalleled speed, minimal latency, and remarkable scalability position it as the leading contender against Ethernet for interconnect protocol preferences.

Step into the introductory course of the InfiniBand universe. Whether you’re aiming to gain deeper insights into InfiniBand’s advantages, applications, architectural layers, management principles, or foundational tools, this course serves as your ideal starting point.

NVIDIA’s free InfiniBand Essentials course is designed to meet the needs of anyone who wishes to be familiar with the basic principles of InfiniBand fabrics, its components, layers and basic management concepts.

The course topics are:

  • InfiniBand Introduction
  • InfiniBand Architecture Layers Overview
  • Fabric Management Concepts
  • InfiniBand Drivers and Utilities

The objectives of the course are to:

  • Describe the main features and elements of InfiniBand fabrics
  • Describe the 5 layers of the InfiniBand layers model
  • Describe the basic management concepts of InfiniBand fabrics
  • Describe the main features of Mellanox OFED
  • Get you familiar with the installation process of Mellanox OFED
  • Get you familiar with OFED basic management tools


The basic prerequisites are just a general understanding of networking concepts and principles.


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