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20.12.2023 |

The MentAlly team earned third place in the AI&I FACTORY /// Challenge 2.0 @Plovdiv with an innovative approach to mental health.


During the educational hackathon held for the first time in Plovdiv, the MentAlly team stood out with their project, deserving third place amid strong competition from young entrepreneurs. Their project involves a cascading technical solution, including the creation of an API and ChatBot, aimed at supporting mental health through the selection of suitable foods and activities.

Focusing on the significant link between diet and mental well-being, MentAlly offers a unique solution that combines the latest artificial intelligence technologies and an extensive database specifically targeted at Bulgarian users. Their platform is ideal for developers seeking reliable information and for end-users such as pregnant women, mothers, teenagers, and adults who want to improve their mental health through balanced diet and activities.

MentAlly stands out with its innovation, offering not just a technological solution but also a deep understanding of the importance of diet in the context of mental health. Their approach to “you are what you eat” is not just a slogan, but a real practice that transforms food into a tool for improving mental well-being. This places MentAlly at the forefront of digital healthcare and strengthens Bulgaria’s position as an innovation center in the field of health technologies.

“AI & I FACTORY,” a joint initiative by Digital National Alliance and AI Cluster Bulgaria, recently concluded its “AI & I FACTORY CHALLENGE 2.0” in Plovdiv, marking another successful phase in its mission to expand public understanding and practical application of artificial intelligence (AI).

This project, part of a series of educational and innovative endeavors, focuses on inspiring technological experiments and inclusion, specifically targeting women and young talents in the technology and AI sectors.

The “Challenge 2.0” in Plovdiv was an intensive two-week program that gathered participants from various universities. These emerging talents delved into entrepreneurship, developing AI-based solutions with guidance from mentors and experts in fields such as business development, design thinking, software engineering, and cybersecurity.



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