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26.04.2023 |

Policy in the Bar is a BESCO networking event that brings together people from the entrepreneurial ecosystem in an informal setting over a beer. These include a variety of business owners, investors, policy makers and journalists. The meetings are in a friendly atmosphere and are aimed at networking and discussing ideas that can improve Bulgaria’s economic model.

GigsRemote will also be at the event to share more human cloud services of the future. GigsRemote is an innovative platform connecting freelancers from Eastern Europe with businesses in need of high quality talent to deliver their projects. The company acts as an impresario for freelancers, finding the best projects according to their experience and desire for professional growth. GigsRemote enables companies to implement their dual IT project implementation strategy, leveraging a core of key personnel within the company and hiring specialized external specialists.

The model is optimized for all involved, presenting the company with a cost- and time-effective alternative to the traditional model of recruiting through staffing agencies or hiring employees.

Come and meet us so that together we can build the future of Bulgaria!

More about the event here.



Target audience

Digital skills for all

Digital skills for the workforce

Digital skills for ICT professionals

Digital technology

Software engineering

Web development

Digital skills

Artificial Intelligence


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