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13.09.2023 |

This course delves into the fundamentals of R, a popular programming language and software environment extensively utilized by data analysts, statisticians, and data scientists for statistical computing and graphics across the globe. It provides an introductory journey into R, encompassing installation procedures and foundational statistical operations. The course equips you with the skills to handle variables and external datasets, create functions, and offers insights from one of the R language’s co-creators, Robert Gentleman. Explore the world of R and enhance your statistical computing capabilities with this comprehensive course.

This course equips you with core competencies in R, covering data types, variables, vectors, matrices, lists, data frames, data import, logical statements, loops, functions, data plotting, visualization, and basic statistical functions. Prior experience in a scientific or engineering discipline is helpful but not mandatory, making it accessible to learners with basic computer skills. Join us to enhance your proficiency in R and excel in statistical computing and data analysis.


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