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28.04.2023 |

SKILLO is a specialized training center for software technologies!

The team trains professionals to upgrade their skills and beginners who are just starting out. They also connect top professionals with attractive work projects and opportunities.


“We at Skillo are IT professionals with many years of experience who believe that IT staff development is one of the most important processes for the software industry in Bulgaria. This needs to be a continuous process in order for the Bulgarian HR market to be globally competitive. We created a software testing training centre because we know we can provide the best training in this area. Quality Assurance is a relatively new and rapidly growing area that IT companies are investing in, which in turn is leading to an increase in demand for software testing personnel.

We are IT professionals with a sense of responsibility, duty and years of experience in the industry and the IT industry in Bulgaria. As the education system in the country fails to meet all the needs of the business, we felt obliged to create this training center to help develop the sector and the economy by creating and developing staff. This is the main motive that drives us to successfully develop the software testing training center. During the period of our existence, we have helped many people to start a career in IT or to develop themselves. The good results of our trainings make us develop and improve every day, giving the best to our trainees.

We maintain a high quality of our trainings because we have highly qualified teachers with years of experience in the field and in-depth practical knowledge of the field. We have 3 training rooms in Sofia, which provide all the necessary conditions for the professional and enjoyable conduct of your desired training. We conduct the classes in small groups to create the feeling of teamwork and friendly atmosphere while you learn.”

Read BESCO’s interview with the SKILLO manager here.


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