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About Spinoff Bulgaria


Spinoff Bulgaria is the largest initiative dedicated to technology transfer, science-based  innovation and spinoff investments in Bulgaria and the region. The two-days format includes a wide range of  keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and roundtables and offers opportunities for networking,  matchmaking and the exchange of best practices.

The target group are scientists, universities and TTOs as well as investors, representatives of national  ministries and European organizations, experts, students, innovators and representatives of  corporations and business.

In addition to the exchange of insights and know-how and awareness-raising for topics related to technology  transfer, the declared goal of the spinoff initiative is to launch and initiate international cooperation projects  and spinoff foundations. By 2030, we aim to have helped 100 spinoff companies get founded, gain  investments and grow commercially.

The initiative supports the development of a sustainable spinoff ecosystem in Bulgaria, SEE and Europe by connecting national stakeholder with international partners. By presenting best practices, insights and collaboration opportunities, the initiative stimulates interest in the creation of spinoffs, promote the culture of technology transfer and bring together European organisations, companies, academia and investors.

Leading Technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Medicine, Microelectronics, and Circular Economy Showcased at the Third Edition of Spinoff Conference 2024


The international conference Spinoff Conference was held for the third consecutive year on June 20 and 21, 2024, at Sofia Tech Park, John Atanasoff Forum, once again providing a platform for exchanging ideas, know-how, and raising awareness on topics related to technology transfer.

The primary goal set by the organisers— Health and Life Sciences Cluster, Artificial Intelligence Cluster Bulgaria, Venrize – spinoff factory, ISTEB—is to create a favourable environment for the growth and realization of 100 spinoff companies by 2030. These companies aim to provide high-value-added products and services crucial for the modernization and innovation of the Bulgarian economy. The initiative is supported by numerous ministries, municipalities, professional associations, and universities.

At the conference’s opening, Kristina Eskenazi, one of the main organizers, shared that over the past three years, more than 40 spinoff companies have been presented and awarded on the prestigious stage. “Bulgaria has immense capacity in cutting-edge technologies, and over the next two days, we have the opportunity to showcase them to you,” she stated.

Awards and Recognitions

One of the most anticipated events of the conference was the awarding of “Spinoff of the Year.” This prestigious award was given to companies that have successfully implemented innovative technologies and achieved significant market success. Six companies were awarded the Spinoff of the Year 2024: Momfident, VAReyes, Senesys. Biо, Simenso Ltd, MedTechLab, and Neuromorphica.

You can find additional information about the agenda and previous editions HERE.


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