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There are various options for optimizing a desktop computer besides the usual updates. Modern technology allows one to resort to assembling every single element in the box to arrive at the desired device in terms of features, parameters, even appearance. It is advisable to be familiar not only with the hardware configuration, but also with the software configuration in order for everything to function at the desired level.

Why configure a desktop computer yourself?

A large number of parts can be found at affordable prices and even if you have a limited budget, it is possible to carry out the configuration yourself. This way, you will be sure that every single detail or program will be placed and installed solely by you, even if it requires a longer job. Desktop devices can connect to multiple monitors simultaneously, and this way you can check if the video card is strong enough to support a certain resolution. According to different preferences, the computer case can be horizontal or vertical.

Mandatory components and how to choose the right ones?

The most important component modules for computer configuration include:

  • Processor – it is recommended to be compatible with the parameters of the other parts;
  • Motherboard – serves for most processes taking place in the device;
  • Video card – when assembling it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the monitor;
  • RAM – at a higher speed of loading programs and processing specialized information;
  • HDD – in the presence of a large database and files, increase the digital space.
  • If you have a laptop, you can also add an SSD to store more files and other information.

How to properly assemble the configuration?

It is recommended to connect the different components in the box consistently. Assembly, as with most technology products, starts with the internal components. Due to the presence of many connecting components, such as cables and circuit boards, you need to choose a suitable box to store the information and have enough space to avoid affecting the different parts. When combining multiple video cards or fans, choose an appropriate space so that the circuit board is not stressed by the high speeds created by intense operation. The configuration must meet the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Steps in assembling the computer

It is recommended that the components be assembled on a table or desk. The installation instructions should be read and applied carefully. The computer configuration requires a newer operating system, so use at least Windows 10. If additional coolers are added during the assembly process, it is desirable to apply the thermal paste carefully to avoid current interference. All cables and connecting components must be joined with the correct connectors. A complex part such as the motherboard, connect with a fine tool to avoid injury to the pins.

Advantages of self-assembly

The biggest advantage is the ability to freely select all the parts included in the machine. This allows you to select and combine the best for the given activity for which you will use the desktop computer. Subsequently, you will have the opportunity to improve the device and it will not be necessary to comply with the “latest” modifications of the respective company. Technology is constantly renewing itself, especially in the software aspect, so the configurations installed in the models should be flexible. Assembly will provide freedom for future requirements to optimize operations.

Installing the computer

The assembly consists of different details and configurations, depending on the desired result. When connecting to the power supply, pay attention to the number of sockets the power strip has. Some models require a certain voltage, so there is a danger of overheating or short-circuiting. After connecting the enclosure to the monitor and other accessories, pay attention to the placement of the external parts and whether you have enough cooling distance.

Configuration check

When finalizing the computer assembly process, it is imperative to start with a high load to check the durability and reliability of the machine. There is a specific mode of functionality for each component, and the compatibility between them is verified by different processes running under different types of operation. The assembly of the computer is complete when the configuration functions without slowdown, does not overheat and does not overload. Further improvements to the software part are also needed to make the components compatible and no “breakage”, even with USB connection.

After you finish assembling the computer, like a true PC Builder, it is imperative that you keep the boxes and additional warranty documents. The manufacturers of the process assemblies for all machines have specified a period of optimum activity, subject to compatibility of items. Exceeding the recommended performance can result in both technical and physical failures. The combination between components will allow you to create an optimal workstation suitable for your purposes.


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