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Let’s make Bulgaria one of those economies in the world that with the help of AI increase their productivity and become more competitive.

This call was made by the Chairman of the Board of BASSCOM and the Board of BRAIT Dobroslav Dimitrov to the CEOs and their teams of Stara Planina Holding. The holding includes key companies, including M+S Hydraulics – hydraulic motors and steering controls, Hydraulic Elements and Systems AD – hydraulic cylinders, Elhim Iskra AD – accumulators, starter and traction batteries, Bulgarian Rose AD – essential oils, Ustrem AD – spare parts production etc.

Dobroslav Dimitrov was invited by the Chairman of AICB Vasil Velev to introduce the holding’s representatives with the new opportunities that artificial intelligence opens for business.

It is a multiplier of skills and productivity, increases capacity and gives an edge to companies that quickly manage to find its application, said Dobroslav Dimitrov. He explained how artificial intelligence works, how it is trained and what we can expect in the very near future from the development of the technology. He did not fail to touch upon important social challenges that we will face very soon – a widening gap between businesses and experts who apply artificial intelligence and those who do not; exacerbating social inequalities in societies and numerous moral dilemmas that this powerful technology poses for humans.

It is crucial that we, the people, retain control over decision-making. Artificial intelligence may have numerous suggestions on how to optimize our business, for example, but we, the owners and managers of the companies, are the ones who have to make the final decisions because we have the whole context conditioned by the human factor, Dobroslav Dimitrov further explained.

“We here in this room can do nothing against some madman in some cave starting to develop a biological weapon using artificial intelligence. But we can make sure that our companies do not suddenly start losing their contracts because other companies somewhere in the world have already implemented artificial intelligence and thanks to that they offer better conditions and lower prices,” Dobroslav Dimitrov said.

He outlined specific areas of application of artificial intelligence in mechanical engineering, ERP systems, database management, etc.



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