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  • Vitosha Venture Partners invests EUR 1 million in 9 new companies

Vitosha Venture invests BGN 2 million in 5 developed startups and 4 projects from the Accelerate fund program. The 5 advanced stage companies are Native Spaces, SN Metals, Nakantara, Chat Hala and FinqUp, and the program funded Nomad Cabins, Petstay, Diplom Id and Twisted Technology. Vitosha Venture plans to invest another EUR 2 million that remained in the fund.

  • Icanpreneur raises pre-seed investment of up to 1.2 million Euros

Icanpreneur, a Bulgarian developer company, raises an investment of 1.2 million euros. The company aims to navigate technology startups through market validation and reach a successful product through a software system. The company also announced an access program for 200 new users to develop and improve the platform.

  • SoCyber ​​raised 760 thousand Euros

The Bulgarian cybersecurity company SoCyber ​​has raised 760,000 euros from various companies and three business angels from SeedBlink. Established in 2018 the company uses its funds to develop AI.

  • Innovation Capital invests EUR 200 thousand in NEXT BASKET

The platform for managing electronic stores – NEXT BASKET, received 200,000. euro from the venture capital fund Innovation Capital. The funds will be used for further development of the software and new functionalities. NEXT BASKET recently announced a partnership with euShipments.

  • CloudCart enters Romania

CloudCart is a Bulgarian eCommerce company that is expanding its operations in Romania. It achieves this success through partnership with banks and companies and aims to develop its market in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. CloudCart offers software for automated creation of online stores.

  • MiCA officially became а law

MiCA is a regulation for crypto asset markets that has officially become law. In order to conduct activities in the EU, crypto exchanges and crypto wallet providers must have the appropriate amount of reserves. The MiCA provisions will start to apply in 2024.

  • The European Parliament passed a draft law on AI

The European Parliament passed a law that limits the use of artificial intelligence. The draft AI Act would place more restrictions on AI-powered tools, and AI developers would be required to submit systems for review before making them widely available. The bill also seeks to ban biometric identification systems in general, “social assessment” systems, and emotion recognition technology from law enforcement, employers, and educational institutions.


  • DataArt organizes a two-week Summer IT Camp

DataArt is organizing a two-week Summer IT Camp that takes place online from July 10 to 22. The lecturers are experts from the DataArt team, and the topics, in addition to technology, are also focused on business and practical orientation. Lectures and discussions are in English, and participants can choose which modules to attend.

  • The network of European Digital Innovation Hubs gathered over 400 participants at a forum in Brussels

European Digital Innovation Hubs Network – EDIH gathered in Brussels over 400 participants with the common goal of promoting the digital transformation of Europe. The network is funded by the Digital Europe Programme, which delivers artificial intelligence and the latest technologies. EDIH also offers services such as training and skills development, facilitating access to innovation and ‘testing before investing’.


  • AIBEST organizes a free summer technical academy in Burgas

Over 100 students from the Professional High School of Computer Programming and Innovation took part in the AIBEST Technical Academy. Members of the company will be mentors to the children, who are gathered in teams and work on different case studies, close to a real project. The best performers received prizes.

  • INSAIT has launched a two-month summer AI program for students

INSAIT has launched a two-month summer program for students, which will take place in Sofia Tech Park in the summer of 2024. The program is called STARS (Science, Technology and AI Research Internship for High-School Students). The internship lasts 8 weeks, and participants will be involved in the development of the latest technologies and research in the field of AI and informatics.

  • 22 entrepreneurs enter Dare to Scale

22 entrepreneurs from 12 companies are entering the fifth edition of the Dare to Scale program. Participants take part in developing activities in the software industry, e-commerce, sports and others. The founders of the companies will participate in training for the development of a scalable business: organization management, marketing and sales, business planning and raising capital. Companies will have access to Endeavor’s local mentoring network, and partners and directors from PwC Bulgaria will also work individually with second-year participants.



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