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Be The Change

Be The Change is a program initiated by Agoria, the Belgian federation of technology industries. Agoria represents over 1,200 companies in various sectors such as software, engineering, electronics, and high-tech systems. The organization aims to promote the technological industry and its contributions to the Belgian economy and society.

The Be The Change program is one of the initiatives by Agoria to demonstrate the role of technology and innovation in making a positive impact in society. The program is designed to encourage Belgian companies to be more socially responsible and to support local communities in need. The goal of Be The Change is to bring together companies, employees, and volunteers to collaborate and make a difference in the lives of others.

One of the key aspects of Be The Change is the encouragement of volunteerism. The program provides a platform for companies to encourage their employees to volunteer and get involved in local community projects. This not only helps to support the community but also provides a sense of fulfillment and purpose to the employees. Companies can participate in various volunteer activities such as mentorship programs, community clean-up projects, and support for local non-profits.

Another aspect of Be The Change is the promotion of social entrepreneurship. Agoria works with companies to encourage them to develop socially responsible business models and to support entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact in their communities. The program provides support and resources to these entrepreneurs, such as mentorship, access to funding, and networking opportunities.

Agoria also provides support to communities in need through the Be The Change program. The organization collaborates with local non-profits and community organizations to provide resources and support for their initiatives. This includes providing funding for projects, volunteer support, and access to technology and expertise.

The Be The Change program has had a positive impact on Belgian communities and has received recognition for its efforts. The initiative has received awards for its contributions to the community and has been recognized for its impact on social entrepreneurship. Companies that have participated in the program have also reported a positive impact on their employees, as the program has encouraged them to become more engaged and socially responsible.

In conclusion, Be The Change is a visionary initiative that demonstrates the power of technology and innovation in creating positive change in society. Through its focus on volunteerism, social entrepreneurship, and community support, the program has made a significant impact in Belgian communities and has set a positive example for other companies to follow. By encouraging companies to be more socially responsible and to support local communities, Be The Change is helping to create a better future for all.



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