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AI: Here for the best – A National Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Ireland

AI is not a technology of the future, but a technology of the present. Given its wide application across all sectors and its high impact, growth and contribution capacity to improve competitiveness, AI is one of the technologies with the highest transformative potential in all areas of productive activity. But not only does AI offer significant opportunities in addressing and overcoming pressing social challenges and in creating new values and opportunities for all, not only the economy. Therefore, the national AI strategy sets a high level direction so that we are best placed to harness AI as a positive force for transformation.

This strategy underpins three basic principles to make the best use of the opportunities offered by AI:

  • adopting a human-centric approach to the application of AI;
  • maintaining openness and adaptability to new innovations; and
  • ensuring good governance to build trust for innovation to thrive, as ultimately, for AI to be truly inclusive and have a positive impact on all, we need to be clear about its role in our society and ensure that trust is the final indicator of success.

With these guiding principles, Ireland wants to be at the border of human-centric, ethical and responsible AI deployment.