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AI Skills Strategy for Europe

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence, the AI Skills Strategy for Europe aims at addressing the pressing skills needs in the AI sector. This strategy, resulting from extensive research and collaboration, offers a roadmap to ensure Europe can meet the growing demand for AI professionals while fostering inclusivity and adaptability. 


The vision is to establish robust and sustainable foundations for reducing European skills shortages, gaps, and mismatches in the field of AI. By accelerating the upskilling and reskilling of employees, job seekers, business leaders, and policymakers, the AI Skills Alliance empowers them to thrive in AI-related professions and to open Europe to new business opportunities.


Key objectives of the strategy include defining AI skills mismatches at the EU level, outlining indemand AI-related roles and skill requirements, and designing effective education and training programmes. It also focuses on promoting diversity and inclusion within AI, engaging stakeholders, and fostering a supportive ecosystem for AI skills development. 


The overall mission is to provide current and emerging professional roles across four occupational domains — AI practitioners, AI management & support, organisational decisionmakers, and policymakers — in addition to learning providers with the educational and training programmes they need to meet the changing demands for AI skills in Europe.


For policy makers, this document provides valuable insights into the actions planned to bridge the AI skills gap. It underscores the importance of aligning policies and initiatives with the evolving AI landscape and fostering collaboration between academia and industry. Additionally, it highlights the need for proactive engagement with national and local governments to advance the AI upskilling and reskilling narrative.