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Artificial intelligence and the changing demand for skills in the labour market

Due to its transformative effect on work and organisation, firms’ adoption of artificial intelligence profoundly influences the job market, especially concerning the demand for skills. This paper estimates how this effect applies to jobs exposed to AI but that do not require specialised AI skills. The report analyses job vacancies across 10 OECD countries over the past decade to find which skills are most demanded in jobs with high AI exposure and for which skills the demand increased.

Additionally, the study explores how the demand for certain non-AI-related skills changes in firms comparable in the industry sector and local labour market but differing in the presence or lack of AI exposure at an establishment level. Thus, it inspects the possibility that exposure to AI is not the only factor causing increased demand for these skills.

The report is structured as follows:

  • Section 1 provides a brief overview of the report and the relevant literature

  • Section 2 explains the methodology utilised and analyses the level of AI exposure in the labour market

  • Section 3 links the level of AI exposure to the change in demand for certain skills

  • Section 4 analyses the situation in case establishment-level exposure